By Charlie Brown

First things first, what is a PABX? It is basically an acronym that stands for Private Automatic Branch Exchange. In layman’s language, a PABX is just a telephone system or a switchboard whose units are used as internal telephone systems in different organizations.

Unlike the older systems that were made up of fixed telephone lines, the PABX system now interconnects with not just telephone lines but also with the internet. This has been made possible after the arrival of VolP (or Voice over Internet Protocol).

Digging deeper, modern PABX phone systems are customarily hybrid in nature, incorporating both old telephone networks and packed switched networks. It is the use of these packed switched networks that enables cheaper and easier connections to reach the entire world. Therefore, if you have a company that has offices around the world, it will be ultimately easier for you to if you enlist the services of a PABX service provider.

Essentially, it is a switching phone system that links a company’s telephone extensions with each other. The switching system also interconnects the same phone extensions with the outside telephone network. The system made up of incredibly complex machines that can be used not only as telephones but also as modems, fax machines, and internal communication devices. Therefore, any modern office could make good use of this hybrid innovation.

The Benefits of PABX System

– It is perfect for businesses –The PABX systems can be used in offices and/or businesses as auto attendants. Basically, the system handles the office calls to the extent that it picks up if there is no one in the office to answer the call. For this reason, the PABX system is highly beneficial, especially in large businesses that get lots of calls.

In an office or business setting, the PABX system is also used to conduct conference calls. Therefore, if you are overly busy and have no time to handle face-to- face meetings, the PABX system will be incredibly useful. If you have international clients that you can only meet telephonically, then this system will also benefit you.

– It works as a central control station – Just like a modem, whenever a new call comes in, the PABX system routes the call through the control station. As long as the PABX system is assigned with a special code for every phone number, the calls will be directed to their precise recipients.  (more…)

By Charlie Brown

Precious metals are some of the most reliable investment options today. There are various types of these metals available. One of the most popular ones is silver. It has great potential for increase in value. Silver is guaranteed to perform just as well as gold as an investment choice. There are sources on various websites as well as YouTube which point to this fact. There are many places where you can purchase silver as a precious metal for investment purposes. One of these is Durham Precious Metals. Read on to learn more.

About Durham Precious Metals

Located in Ontario, Canada, this is a precious metals dealer who can sell or buy silver from you. At the store, there are specialists in the field of precious metals who can make these transactions with you. Currently, they believe that silver is a great investment option. One of the reasons for this is because it has a lower cost per ounce than gold. Moreover, the specialists at Durham Precious Metals have found that 90% of their business involves the purchase or sale of silver. Interestingly, the forms of silver arranged in popularity are as follows:

1. 10-oz bars
2. Generic rounds
3. Silver Maples
4. 1-oz bars

To get the highest return on investment (ROI), Durham Precious Metals advises that investors purchase 10-oz bars and 1-oz rounds of online silver. They have a good value over premium today. However, in silver investment, any choice is currently a good choice due to the projected growth of the precious metal.

Value of silver as a currency

For centuries, silver has always been used as money. Some people believe that it has been demonetized. However, in Canada, the silver 999 bullion is regarded as a financial instrument by the Rev Can. This certifies it as a currency usable in that nation and beyond.

Value of silver as a metal

Silver also has great value as a metal. It is quite versatile in nature. (more…)

By Charlie Brown

Living off campus in Columbus is a good idea, especially if you are looking for a unique college experience. Life off campus is different and does come with a host of additional benefits that make your college period experience much better. This is a perfect option, especially if you are looking to sample what this city has to offer visitors. It can also help you transition to being a permanent resident of the area.

With off campus living, you have fewer distractions after school. Campus life is filled with many activities and these can distract you from serious studies. When you live off campus, you are more selective of the activities you partake in, leaving you to focus on your after studies better.

Living off campus also prepares you for independent living. You get to have a better interaction with other people beyond fellow students. If you need to work as you study, you have a chance to balance these two aspects of your life. You will be in better control of your time with minimal restrictions.

Off-campus living is even made better in Columbus. You are sure to get fitting accommodation in different parts of this city. When picking the best fit accommodation, you need to consider the property that meets your needs perfectly. You should be happy with your choice at the end of the day and feel encouraged to stay on until you graduate.


Location is an important consideration when choosing off-campus accommodation. You should pick a property that is close to the university. This makes it convenient choice as you will always be in time for your classes. (more…)

By Charlie Brown

The digital marketing revolution is unstoppable and for most business marketers, the fast pace at which new promotional technologies are emerging is almost dizzying. From social media marketing, webinars, and video conferencing to email marketing, trying to keep up with every marketing trend that comes into the market is virtually impossible. In fact, many businesses are counting losses from their reactionary digital marketing campaigns.

While digital tools come with an array of advantages, traditional marketing techniques is still very effective. Among the most effective of these strategies is trade show marketing. If you are missing out on trade exhibitions because they are old school, then you are missing out big time. These shows still remain the best way to market your products, services and business.

Why Trade Show Booths Still Matter

If you are still not convinced about the power of trade shows, consider these benefits:

– Lasting impressions if done right
– Incredible face-to- face marketing events
– High lead generation potential
– Direct sales opportunities to a select target audience
– Cost-effective networking and advertising
– Low-cost barrier that levels the marketing field
– Great for testing a new product in the market
– Great for gathering market knowledge on industry

These are just a few of the benefits your business enjoys by participating in trade fairs. However, to maximize on these events, you need to get the best trade show booth design ideas. Your booth is the face of your business and it is important to put more thought into how you set it up. (more…)