By Charlie Brown

If you are considering consolidating your students, there are some details that you need to keep in mind. Individuals usually qualify for consolidation after they graduate, leave school or have been enrolled for less than half or part-time. Many private lenders allow borrowers to consolidate private and federal loans. Private consolidation can help you reduce your interest rate. Knowing whether or not to consolidate student loans depends on various factors. It is always important to be aware of your options when you want to make a financial decision. Pick the best option that is available and practical for your situation.


Consolidation is one of the solutions that individuals who have a number of student loans opt for. During this process you take out a loan to pay off other current student loans. If you successfully get your new loan, you will be financially responsible for repaying the single loan. All federal loans can be consolidated as well as most private loans.

Before you apply, learn more about the advantages of student loan consolidation. Potential advantages include streamlining the payment process. When you have different student loans, you need to remember different due dates for repayments on a monthly basis. A single loan means that there will only be one due date that you should remember along with one payment to make.


? If you are finding it difficult to repay your loans or expect your income and expenses to change, you can consolidate in order for you to be able to lengthen the repayment term or amount of time for repaying your loans. (more…)

By Liam Smith

Debt relief is a top concern for many businesses as debt continues to reach uncontrollable levels. Getting into debt can be easy but getting out of the situation is often a long and challenging process. The tough economic conditions make it necessary for many businesses to rely on credit to survive. Business owners have been choosing debt settlement and hiring debt specialists to help them sort out their financial problems.

Examine your Finances

One of the important steps you should take when dealing with debt is to closely examine your situation. You need to be fully aware of what you owe and your outstanding debts before you attempt to negotiate any debts. Organize all forms of correspondence that pertain to your debt because ignoring calls and notices will not make the problem disappear.

Financial Statement

Prepare an overall business company financial statement that includes a list of debts, available cash and investments. This type of statement will make it easier for you to determine the next steps you need to take. Organizing your debts in a financial statement will give you a clear view of what you will be able to pay. It will also be helpful when you are ready to negotiate with creditors who want proof regarding your financial situation before forgiving a portion of the debt.

It is essential to figure out what you will be able to pay before settlement discussions with creditors begin. Decide the payments that you can afford to make to each creditor as you start the process of negotiating settlements. Find company debt help here.

Preparing for Negotiations

? Creditors need to understand why they should settle for less than the total amount of your debt. A sincere, consistent and informative explanation will be useful. Explain the uncontrollable circumstances that have led to your situation or how you are trying to overcome your financial challenges. (more…)

By Luis Aureliano

Succeeding as a trader is an uphill task on its own because you have to contend with a number of factors beyond your control. However, it can become excruciatingly harder to succeed as a trader if you don’t have the support of your family, spouse, or significant other. Interestingly, your family may not want to support your trading career if it seems that you are losing more money in the markets. Your family might also be hesitant to support you if the money you are making is small in relation to the countless hours you spend glued to the computer screen.

However, the support of your family is essential for the success of trading career especially if you have combined finances with your partner. You also need their support if you expect them to make some sacrifices for you to raise trading capital or get quiet trading times without distractions. This piece provides insight into four family finance rules that can make it easier for you to succeed as trader.

1. Create financial plans and goals together

The first rule in family finances is to create the financial plans and goals of the family together. You need to agree on buying a car, a home, paying off your mortgage, getting out of debt, saving for college, or planning for retirement. More importantly, you’ll need to agree on the percentage of your income that goes towards your trading activities so that your partner doesn’t feel that you are wasting precious resources chasing the bull on Wall Street. Nothing could be worse for your trading psyche than a partner that mistakes your trading activities for gambling. (more…)

By Luis Aureliano.

According to NerdWallet analysis, the total international money transfers from immigrants in the US to foreign countries amounted to $135 billion in 2015. That figure includes substantial fees and commissions paid to banks and other companies processing these foreign exchange transactions. However, senders have quickly cottoned on to the extortionary fees being levied upon them, and they are opting for alternative means of sending money abroad. The costs of sending international wire transfers through banks is significantly higher than other options.


The default go-to option for many senders was the international wire transfer, however this is also one of the most expensive ways of processing an international foreign currency transfer. On average, and international wire can cost around $40 and it covers the transfer of funds from one bank/financial institution to another one. Additionally, the receiver of the funds may also be required to pay a nominal fee. (more…)