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There are attorneys as well as accountants who help you in the hour of need. The term attorney is gloomier as it implies not just fighting numbers but it is fighting the law. It is accurate up to some extent. A tax attorney is capable of handling certain things that accountants are not able to handle. Tax attorneys are those lawyers who have specialization in the technical and complex field of tax law. They are eminent in handling technical, legal and complex issues associated with any tax situation.

A tax attorney will come in the picture after you are having some issues, but you can also consult them in advance to avoid any such problems.

When there is a need of Tax attorney

Business, serviceman, real estate all filed returns. IRS (Internal Revenue Service) has its eyes on the returns made by taxpayers. You need the help of tax attorney in following situations as listed below

a) If you are starting a business, you can take his advice in following things like what type of business you set up? What amount do you need to pay in taxes? How much can you save? A tax attorney can advise you about tax and structure of your company.
b) If you are engaging yourself in international business and you need help in creating contracts, legal formalities and tax treatment.
c) If you find that you need to pay some taxes for past years to IRS and you need help in the same, first authority that can help you with that is a tax attorney. They will advise you and guide you on that. (more…)

By Charlie Brown

Inheritance tax refers to the taxes that people are required to pay on property or money that they inherited after a loved one’s death. This form of state tax is paid upon receipt of property or money from a deceased person’s estate. The beneficiary is financially responsible for the tax rather than the estate. Inheritance tax is imposed in a number of regions and depending on the circumstances, a beneficiary may be exempt from payment.

Inheritance and Estate Taxes

The main difference between inheritance tax and estate tax is the entity that is obligated to pay it. Estate taxes are levied on the entire value of the deceased person’s property and money. This type of tax is paid from the deceased’s assets before distributions to beneficiaries are made. The value of assets must surpass certain thresholds before estate tax is due. A minimal percentage of taxpayers encounter estate tax due to the threshold.
Paying Inheritance Tax

After the executor of an estate divides up assets and distributes them to beneficiaries, inheritance tax arises. The amount of tax is calculated separately on an individual basis and each beneficiary is expected to pay the tax. The state requires taxpayers to report this type of information on inheritance tax forms. Since state laws are dynamic and may change, it is crucial to check with the tax agency if you receive an inheritance. Inheritance tax rates may be relatively low or high in terms of the percentage of the value of cash or property you inherit.

Exemptions and Relief

– Based on the relationship that you have with the deceased person, you may be eligible for a reduction or exemption of the inheritance tax amount that you must pay. There may be a provision for exempting spouses from taxes when they inherit another spouse’s property.
– Children as well as other dependants may also qualify for similar exemption, although only a specified portion of inherited property may meet the criteria in some cases. Higher tax rates are generally paid by people who do not have a familial relationship with the deceased person that they inherit property from.
– Depending on when the gift is given, there may be a lower inheritance tax charge. Other possibilities for exemptions and relief may facilitate the passing of some assets with reduced bills or free from inheritance tax.

Tax Rates

The percentage of standard inheritance tax is only charged on the portion of the estate that is above the specified threshold. Some gifts that are given while a person is alive may be taxed when they die. (more…)

By Charlie Brown

There are many ways to make money on the internet. One of these is by completing surveys. There are research companies which readily pay people to give their opinions on a variety of products or services. They provide surveys towards this effect. Surveys are simple questionnaires that are designed to collect information about various topics, target markets or products. Surveys are quite popular. This is because marketing companies are always trying to get more information about their products or services. As such, these companies pay people to give this feedback through special programs. An example of such a program is Survey Say. Read on to learn more about it.

What is Survey Say?

Survey Say is an affiliate program. It connects users to research companies that do surveys regularly. The program does not give you surveys directly. It simply matches you with other websites that can provide them. As such, Survey Say works like a middleman.

Upon registering and signing into Survey Say, you get a unique dashboard. This one shows you a variety of websites offering surveys that you can fill in. Here is a survey say review explaining more.

How do you begin on Survey Say?

To start working on Survey Say, you need to fill in a form. It asks for your personal details such as date of birth, email address, country and gender. It also asks you some questions about survey preferences. Survey Say does not require you to give a password to create your account.

Once you finish filling in this registration form, you are directed to your personal dashboard. There, you will find a collection of survey sites which are related to your profile. As you sign up to Survey Say, it is advisable that one uses a new email address which is different from your main one. This is so as to avoid spam email.

More details on how the Survey Say system works

As indicated above in this survey say review, when you join Survey Say, you are provided with a dashboard containing a number of survey sites on which you can work. You can proceed to register with these sites. As you do so, make sure to indicate:

1. Your preferences as a consumer
2. Your geographical location

These details are important because they determine the types of surveys which you will get. When you complete a survey on these sites successfully, you automatically earn points, gift rewards or cash. (more…)

By Charlie Brown

It is the work of your bankruptcy attorney to handle your case from start to finish as well as offer legal advice during the process. In general, the expected services from your bankruptcy lawyer will be outlined in the retainer agreement that you signed with them, but that is not all. You should expect the following from your attorney.

Adequate legal advice

As mentioned before, part of the job of your attorney is to offer you competent legal advice at all time. This means that they should be willing and ready to answer any question you may have during the entire process. If they think playing the bankruptcy card is the best option for you, then they should advise you on the following:

– The kind of bankruptcy to file
– The possible outcomes of the bankruptcy process
– How you can leverage liquidation for financial gains
– The risks and difficulties in your case
– What you can contribute to making the case succeed

Proper handling of your bankruptcy

Your attorney needs to understand all the federal bankruptcy laws, court rules in your locale as well as the procedures involved, and the local bankruptcy trustees. For instance, when handling bankruptcy El Paso, they have to understand everything within that area concerning bankruptcy. Among the things that will determine the difficulty in the handling of the bankruptcy include the type of bankruptcy filed and the facts of the case.

Keep you in the loop

The bankruptcy process may be lengthy and require a lot of things to be done. As such, your attorney should regularly update you in case of anything. For instance, your creditors may raise their concerns with your lawyer during the process, or the trustee may require more information. Such developments are supposed to come to you through your attorney.

Preparation of all the paperwork

An essential thing in a bankruptcy process is the preparation of paperwork. When left for you to handle, you can get mixed up and end up leaving something important out. That is where your attorney comes in handy. Most of the bankruptcy lawyers, if not all, have software to handle the documentation with the court. Your work will be to provide the lawyer with the information that is needed in the forms after which they will prepare the forms for presentation at the court.

Filing all documents on time

Deadlines for filing the required documents in court have seen the tossing of many cases, and bankruptcy is no exception. Your lawyer should be keen enough to file all necessary documents before a set deadline. Such deadlines usually come into play when your trustee requires additional information regarding documents. This is why your attorney should be conversant with local rules and procedures.

Representation at the hearings

After filing for bankruptcy, you will have to attend the 341 meeting (the meeting of creditors) where the facts of your case will be weighed. Depending on the outcome of that meeting, either you or your attorney (or both) will be required to attend additional hearings. Others may only require your lawyer to be available, and they should always advise you on the same.