What exactly is Fintech and what does it mean for the average person? Much more than we might think – the name refers to a company that, with the help of modern technologies, offers individuals an innovative replacement for standard banking services. If we want to explain to someone in a simple way what fintech is, we can say that it is a technology that solves a problem in the financial system or builds a new financial service / innovation. Artificial intelligence, social networks, machine learning, mobile applications, blockchain technology, cloud computing and Big Data analysis have created new services and business models for established financial institutions and new market participants. Various industries, including the casino industry, are leveraging the power of modern computing and trying to learn how they can benefit from it. For example, casinos will be able to use AI for more precise insight in comparison to traditional tools like Google Analytics, which will help websites like Rizk Canada gain better understanding of customers and their habits.

Development of fintech industry

The great influence of smartphones as well as Internet access has made a difference between developed and developing countries. China is the country that uses fintech services the most – with 69 percent of users in the entire population, followed by India with 52 percent. The reason for this is that these countries have never managed to develop a banking system / financial infrastructure / following the example of Western countries and this has opened the way for new solutions. In the use of fintech services, they are followed by the United Kingdom, Brazil, Australia, and in 20th place are Belgium and Luxembourg with 13 percent of users. (more…)

Investing firms are gaining traction in the investing world right now. And with trading sites like Forex providing potentially lucrative and fascinating ways of trading currencies. Before we start investing, we should understand the basics of trading and probably Forex Trading.

Forex trading is still a mystery to many traders, and with the higher risks and smaller profits, you get to learn about the currency exchange market. In this article, we will analyze the potential advantages and disadvantages of  Forex trading in Canada  to see if forex marketing is actually good for you to achieve your financial goals.

What exactly do you understand by the term Forex trading?

Forex trading applies to the exchanging of one currency to another powerful one to earn profit. This profit that we collect is not for tourism or business but our good.

For example: If I exchange Canadian dollars for American dollars. As for now, one Canadian dollar is 0.80 USD. So if we now exchange that money, we get some profit, and that is how forex trading works.

Some popular currencies like the Euro, Dollars and Pounds have fewer exchange rates in the stock market, but exotic currencies are far more valuable. They help brokers to earn more than the usual amount. (more…)

Contemplating an RV vacation? If you’ve never experienced a trip in an RV before, you might be wondering if this niche style of vacation is for you. The truth is, that anyone can enjoy an RV vacation, whether you want to explore the open road with a close group of friends, you want to visit a particular campsite with your family in tow, or you and your partner want to go back to basics and try something a little different, an RV vacation has something for everyone and what's more, these kinds of trips can be completely tailored to your wants and needs.

Maybe you want to visit a particular lake, or you want to park under the stars and immerse yourself within nature, perhaps you want to make camp at a family-friendly site and then spend your vacation visiting urban attractions and making family memories. From these reasons alone, it’s easy to see why more people than ever before are hitting the open road!

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at some other amazing reasons to take an RV vacation.

You’ll get peace of mind

When we take a traditional vacation, we take out medical and travel insurance to protect ourselves should anything go wrong. Well, the same applies to any RV vacation. Newfoundland Labrador RV insurance is the perfect place to start for anyone considering an RV vacation. (more…)

When most people think of the term investing, minds automatically turn to the glitz and the glamor of working and investing on Wall Street. While this is the pinnacle of investing, it is not the ideal place to start for those who are just setting out on their investing journey.

With the finances of many impacted in some way by the pandemic, more people than ever are looking for innovative ways that they can boost their income. On the back of news reports that the number of people investing in cryptocurrency has increased in recent weeks, minds may well be turning to how they can get in on actual stocks and shares. This is where we come in.

We have compiled a short guide on investing for beginners. Read on for some enlightenment!

Where to Start? 

This is the most significant step of getting into the investing world; there are so many varying stocks available. It can be somewhat confusing to distinguish between what is suitable and what isn’t. With that being said, there are resources available for those who are just setting out on their investing journey, which we will talk a bit more about in a moment.

One thing that should be done before making the jump into the investing world is doing adequate research into where you will be investing. Not to mention, you need to have some idea about your budget, what money you have that you will be investing and whether you will put a limit on how much you invest. (more…)