By Michael Kuchar

There was once a time when trading in the stock market was exclusive to people working in financial institutions of repute, trading houses, and brokerages. With the advent of the internet, broker platforms, and online trading houses, all this has changed, and the ease with which you can join the stock market has increased. Of the many trading strategies, and mechanisms in use today, day trading can indeed turn out to be quite the lucrative career.

This being said, it is challenging for novices, and you must do thorough research, and perform your due diligence. Jumping on the stock day trading platform doesn’t make sense if you do not know what you are doing. Even the most seasoned of day traders can experience losses and hit rough patches. While equities and stocks are thought of as long-term investments, stock day trading provides an exciting opportunity for those who want to make quick money. But be careful, day trading stocks can be also quite risky as in most of your trades you are going to use leverage which is two-edged sword.

Short-term trades can be profitable, if your ability, and research matches your ambition. Before getting into the stock day trading market though, you must open an account on a Stock broker platform. We have made the task of choosing the best stock day trading platform easier for you. Here are a couple of the best stock broker platforms you must join today.

1. ETFinance – New but fierce broker

The ETFinance broker platform is licensed by the Cyprus-based, Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. While ETFinance is a relatively new stock day trading broker

(Having been launched in 2018), it has entered the market with flying colours. Their website is relatively easy to use, and does not come with the unnecessary gloss. Navigation is simple, comes with no needless text or advertising, and no overwhelming imagery.

One of the many perks of using ETFinance is that is offers its users a choice of several trading platforms. MT4 is a fascinating trading platform, which offers a slew of features that experienced traders will (and do) hold dear. (more…)

By Rock Alva

You may be laughing reading the title but don’t get me wrong, let me clear my perspective with some solid arguments and reasons. No doubt, the USA is a superpower and loved by immigrants from all over the world. But during the past couple of decades, Canada has made it possible to live the famous "American dream" in very less cost as compared to America itself. The luxury lifestyle and the cost to that are much more affordable in Canada now.

So, you should unquestionably immigrate to Canada instead, here are some reasons for that.

1. Amiable immigration Policies

The first thing that you face after landing on any country's airport is their immigration policy. You have to pass through a painful process of documentation for a study permit, work permit, permanent residency or even for the tourist visa, especially when the country is the USA. But not for Canada. The whole process of documentation for any visa permits in Canada is a lot easier and more straightforward than the USA.

The best part of Canadian immigration is that your spouse can work in Canada even if you are not a citizen of Canada and have any study permit or work permit visa. You definitely can not do that in the USA. Can you?

1. Better Healthcare for immigrants. 

Do you know how much premiums a USA citizen has to pay for his health insurance? It is about $321 per month for a single person. In Canada, you have to pay around $70 to $160 per month, and you will be blessed with every possible medical treatment, no matter if you are a Canadian citizen or not.

Healthcare is a significant facility that you need for a good lifestyle, and this is a considerable discount that Canada is giving you. In short, healthy life in Canada is cheaper as compared to the US.

1. Affordable Education System

Canada is known as a “Free education Country”, and the reason is the high standard of education, Canada student loan and education is free up to secondary education. I want to mention here that this free education is in Public school, not in Private schools, but there is not much difference between them both.  (more…)

By Rob Eaton

The modern world has made all kinds of financial transactions much easier to manage, but unfortunately it has also enabled a far greater number of conmen, fraudsters and scam artists.
Although websites and payment providers do their best to make sure that your financial details are secure, we all need to be on our guard against financial scams.


One of the most common of all financial scams is the phishing email. This is basically an email asking you to send money, and giving a list of sometimes plausible, sometimes wildly imaginative reasons why you should do so. Some of these are so clearly dodgy that we laugh at them: it seems ridiculous that anyone could fall for such an obvious scam. But in fact, it’s that very overconfidence that can make us vulnerable.

You may not be likely to send your bank account details to a supposed Nigerian prince wanting to outsource his personal treasury, but what about an email from a friend who tells you that they’re on holiday in Europe and have had their credit cards and passport stolen? The immediate impulse is to send them money as they request, but in fact this is an extremely common financial scam.

The chances are that your friend never left the country and is happily at home or at work. It’s so easy to check, but the emotional impact and sense of urgency in these emails is such that some people never do.

Unlikely investments

If someone offers you a great investment deal, the first rule of thumb is that if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. This goes for financial brokers who claim to have a foolproof get-rich scheme that you must get in on. (more…)

Stocks to Watch - Conversion Labs

We are all about investing in some great up-and-coming stocks at Zentrader. This is the first in a series where I’ll highlight some great stocks that I feel are ready to break out based on either fundamentals, technical analysis, or both.

Today, we’ll be looking at the rapidly growing health and wellness focused e-commerce company Conversion Labs (CVLB).

First Things First

As we have discussed over and over again, investing in individual stocks is not for everyone.  Make sure you are investing with money you can afford to lose if things go south. That being said, we all know that investing in individual stocks can be very lucrative if you pick the right ones.  There is no better way to beat the average market return than taking increased risk for the potential of improved returns!  Fortunes have been made in the stock market by taking small, calculated risks on fantastic companies!

Background on Conversion Labs – CVLB

Conversion Labs (CVLB) is an emerging leader in technology driven healthcare and telemedicine.  They apply their direct response marketing expertise to healthcare and provide a convenient, cost-effective and smarter way for consumers to access high quality OTC products and prescription medications.

Here are a couple quick facts about Conversion Labs:

  • CVLB is publicly traded on the OTCQB (middle tier over the counter “OTC” market)
  • Served over 850 million ad impressions over the past 2 years
  • Licensed for online Rx and physician consults in all 50 states
  • Ranked $164 on Deloitte’s 2018 Technology Fast 500 with 608% growth!

The reason why investing in Conversion Labs is so exciting is they present an end-to-end telehealth customer acquisition model:

Conversion Labs - End-to-End telehealth customer acquisition model

Conversion Labs – End-to-End telehealth customer acquisition modelWith the costs of healthcare rising due to an aging population and poor public policy, more and more customers are looking for cost effective solutions.  As folks shift more into the Health Savings Account (HSA) model through their employer offered healthcare, they are also looking for lower-cost options since they are paying out of pocket.  Today’s customers are also less willing to wait in a doctor’s office and are more trusting of technology and online services.

Did you know that in a recent survey, 77% of patients prefer a physician who offers telemedicine?  This must be the reason that the global online pharmacy market is expected to triple over the next five years (from $42B to $107B by 2025)!  Conversion Labs is poised to capture revenue from these potential new customers as we see these large global shifts in patient demographics.

Fundamental Analysis of Conversion Labs – CVLB

Exciting things are happening with Conversion Labs.  In June 2019, Conversion Labs entered the telemedicine space with a strategic join venture with, a large online pharmacy.  They also just announced a formal launch of their first telemedicine brand, Rex MD.

Here are some fundamentals for you to review:

  • Has a $14 million revenue run-rate and growing
  • Showing 32% YoY revenue growth
  • Reached 93% revenue CAGR (2015 – 2019 est)
  • Approx 90 million shares outstanding (fully diluted)
  • Current valuation of just $6.86 million
  • Every round of money which Conversion Labs has raised in the last 18 months has been at $0.23/share – this is unheard!
  • 52-week stock trading range: $0.10 – $0.29

You read that correctly – currently Conversion Labs is valued and less than $7 million when their annual revenue for 2019 is estimated at $12 million!  CVLB just closed recently at $0.15 per share.  These fundamentals look great, and honestly I am quite surprised we are seeing funding rounds come it at a premium to market share price.  That is a very strong message which investors are sending.  Now may be the perfect time to take a long position!

Note – Many of these facts were pulled from the following investor presentation.  Give it a look and form your own opinion.

Technical Analysis of Conversion Labs – CVLB

We’ve established that the fundamentals are strong for Conversion Labs.  I always like to take a look at technical analysis as well to see if this can provide investment clues.  Below, you will see a graph of the past 5-years of Conversion Labs.  As you can see, prices have been a bit range bound between $0.35 and $0.08.  We did see a huge pop all the way to $0.95 back in March of 2017.  Wouldn’t another one of those be great :-).

You will notice that there is some REAL support at around the $0.12 level which is helping to prop this stock up.  Currently, the stock is trading around the 50-day moving average.  Both of these facts tell us that now would likely be a good time to buy as the stock is not currently trading at a premium to historic levels.

We would say this stock is a strong buy at the $0.12 level based on technical analysis.  We have seen those prices just over the past couple of weeks, so now may be your opportunity if you have made the decision to go long.

Conversion Labs - Stock Price History

Conversion Labs – Stock Price History

Final Thoughts

We are excited to promote Conversion Labs as one of our first “Stocks to Watch” here on Zentrader.  CVLB has positioned itself in the exciting telemedicine sector with is growing at a considerable rate, has several new products and services in its pipeline, shows very strong financials, and is trading at historically low levels.  This stock is screaming a BUY in our opinion.

Zentrader is taking a LONG position in CVLB with limit orders around $0.12 per share.  So, you could say that this entire article is a bit biased since we are jumping in on this stock :-).  Please keep in mind we are NOT certified investment advisors, and you absolutely should do your own research before investing in this or any stock.


Please note the following as you read this article:

  1. The author of this post may have a current long position in this security.  This may influence the author’s opinion of this stock.
  2. The article is for educational purposes only, and does not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell any specific security.  Please do your own research and due diligence.
  3. Past stock market and security performance does not have any bearing on future performance.
  4. The author of this article may have been compensated a sum of money to produce this post.
  5. Please only invest with money you can afford to lose.










Full disclosure : This is an advertisement and I am currently long this position. We are not a licensed broker-dealer and do not publish investment advice and remind readers that investing, especially in penny stocks, involves considerable risk. Although these stocks can offer big upside, they can also lose 100% of their value. We encourages all readers to carefully review the SEC filings of any issuers we cover and consult with an investment professional before making any investment decisions.