When you start a beauty business, you’ll dream about changing people’s lives. You will look forward to all the impressive work you’ll do. Keep in mind, you must remember all the boring stuff in the real world too.

Business insurance sits close to the top of the list. If you don’t have good insurance, it could destroy your life when something goes wrong. Let’s discuss some of the main things you should look for when purchasing it.

1. Covering All The Bases

Make sure your beauty business insurance covers all the bases, which might include more than what’s legally required. You will need to ensure your beauty salon and employees are covered by your insurance.

I doubt you’ll need cyber insurance unless you keep vital information on your computer, plus commercial auto insurance might be a waste. If you speak to a knowledgeable broker, they’ll be able to tell you exactly what’s required.

2. Pay A Higher Deductible

Some businesses are filled with danger everywhere you look, so you can see them catching fire easily. Unsatisfied customers don’t tend to throw rocks through windows if they don’t like the way their nails look after a manicure.

The chances of a small beauty salon needing to make a claim are slim compared to businesses in other industries, so it might be worth trying to organize a higher deductible. It means your monthly premiums will be a bit lower. (more…)

Free spins have become the most popular casino bonus among players and casinos compete to offer the best free spins bonuses. You can receive free spins when you join and register or as a promotion when you make a deposit at a casino.

No Deposit Free Spins

No deposit free spins are the type of spins you can receive when you first sign up to a casino. Spins are usually limited to a specific slot game type or casino game provider. No deposit spins require nothing more than registration at the casino.

Sometimes you have to actively claim this bonus as some players prefer to start playing without this bonus. After you have registered and claimed the bonus you have a certain number of days to use your free spins, which is usually between seven days and one month before the spins expire.

Free Spins as a Deposit Bonus

Free spins are also a popular deposit bonus. Spins are credited to your account after you make a deposit. It is common for free spins to be spread out over a couple of days. For example, if you receive 100 free spins for your deposit, the casino could give them to you in batches of ten a day for ten days. Each installment requires you to login to your casino account and have activity.

Casinos spread bonuses over several days to build loyalty and get you to log into the casino daily. Deposit Free Spins always have terms and conditions indicating the games they apply to and how much money you can win at most when playing free spins. An important part of the terms and conditions are the wagering requirements.

Wagering Requirements for Free Spins (more…)

If a movie is successful, there is a pretty high chance that it will have a sequel, especially if enough source material is available. However, while often good enough on their own, it is tough for a sequel to capture the magic of the first movie. The first movie is always a revelation. The second, at best, just go a bit deeper. But in this list, we are bringing you three classics where the second movie is better than the original.


Pretty much everyone agrees Godfather III is nowhere close to the level of cinematic and storytelling beauty the first two movies achieved. However, whether the original or the first sequel should be considered “better” is debated. We believe it is Godfather II. Fundamental to this is dynamic in the movie. Simoultainesly it shows the rise of Vito Corleone (and his softer, less cold approach to people) and the moral and human fall of Michael Corleone. The characters are much more fleshed out, and the movie has an actual moral dimension to it.

Moving away from the grim skylines of New York, the movie goes to California, to Cuba. The family is more about luxurious hotels and grand casinos rather than small street gangster stuff. So it is no surprise that the movie inspired many Canadian slots and, of course, slot games around the world. After all, it is that kind of affluence and money that many players have in mind when they visit a casino The suits and looks Michael wears in the movie are no less iconic. (more…)

FinTech is entering almost every industry on the market. Information and payment security, market share, and margins are the main categories FinTech is improving. Modern technology is allowing 24/7 access to services through platforms, applications, and social media. In addition, traditional banks expect a high percentage rate of bank users who will have their mobile apps.

FinTech High Efficiency

FinTech companies that are providing payment platforms are on the rise. Statistics show that an estimated number of 1,31 billion people will use mobile payment methods. FinTech has many benefits in front of traditional banks. In the first place is a wide range of different platforms that you can use. In addition to that, accessibility at any hour and from any site is a great advantage. Platforms allow you to use it at any moment via your smart devices. These types of online payment services provide you easy solutions for online shopping, streaming and gaming services. It’s also making them safer. They implement different security measures, so if you go to any Canadian online casino real money website, it will prompt you with in-app approval when you make any payments. Igaming and gaming FinTechs are probably one of the reasons why everything is evolving so fast.

FinTech Security and Cost-effectiveness

Payment services use cryptography and blockchains to provide the highest security levels for money located on their platforms. In addition to that, platforms are providing increased transparency to their users. At any moment, users can use their user account on a given platform and manage their money, shares, and other valuables that the platform got used for in this case. Online payment services have meagre usage costs. If users want to send or receive the money, they can do it with small or no fees. Currency exchange and making invoices, payment links, and monthly reports have low prices if any.

Traditional Banks

Banks are trying to keep up with online payment services. Almost all bigger banks have applications, web platforms, and virtual assistants available to customers during working hours. Traditional banks make a visible effort, and their services are now far better than five years ago. But you still have to visit the bank at the location for some services. If you want to make a new card, pick it up, open an account or get a loan, you need to visit it. A considerable disadvantage lies in high fees. Traditional banks earn various fees they have depending on their services. Nevertheless, we still need to use traditional banks, especially entrepreneurs. If you want to run a business, you need to have various accounts in the bank that is in your country.

We cannot bypass traditional banks, but we can use the most cost-effective ones and provide the best online services. In addition to that, find an online platform, combine it with a traditional bank – get the best from both worlds. Find a bank that perfectly fits your needs and an online payment platform that will provide you best service.