By Charlie Brown

It’s the 21 st century, and the business landscape is laden with challenges. It is highly competitive and dynamic. Hence, it is essential for companies to leverage all that they can in an ethical way to perform better. HR is an integral aspect of any business. Are you looking for a competitive edge over other companies? If yes, then your HR needs to play an important part. Today, many companies are opting in for HR outsourcing and making the most of the advantages.

Understanding HR outsourcing

There’s nothing complicated in HR outsourcing. It translates to the process of a company outsourcing HR functions for business operations. Today, most companies realize that they can attract huge benefits by outsourcing non-core HR functions. Instead, of employing several HR employees in the office, HR outsourcing proves beneficial. It offers the companies everything from flexibility and ease of tasks in domains of payroll and others. To know more about this, you can get in touch with Triton HR .

Reasons for HR outsourcing

Today, you can chart out the best benefits of outsourcing non-core HR duties. First, you need to get in touch with an expert service provider. That denotes you tapping right into an expert talent pool that has the know-how and skill you require. It also ensures that there will be fewer mistakes, and the business processes will get more simplified. You also have the choice to reduce costs.

Can you visualize a payroll mistake which had given your employees more than their payment? If yes, then you know by now that the only way to correct it is by subtracting an amount. Most HR staff has to spend much time in resolving issues like this. Mistakes such as this and others will keep on happening. However, expert specialists have the knowledge and the critical tools for reducing the chances of errors.

When you outsource the non-core HR functions, it is still possible for you to maintain a small HR team in-house. It ensures business cost-savings since the office HR staffs are less in number. By subcontracting a few of the HR functions, you gain more business flexibility. When it’s a busy time for your company, the expert HR professionals can put on more resources to the business. (more…)


Founded in 1999, at time the internet and PCs were becoming commonplace in homes around the globe, Playtech quickly became one of the world leaders in casino software solutions. Over the last two decades the company has covered all bases in the industry, providing games and software for online casinos, poker rooms, bingo games and a variety of other tech solutions for the online gaming world.

A company at the forefront of software development and a large player in the creation of games in the gambling industry, Playtech has been a huge success story. In fact, its founder Teddy Sagi, an Israeli entrepreneur who partnered up with big players from the casino, software engineering and multimedia industries to help turn his vision into a reality, listed the company on the London Stock Exchange in 2006, with Playtech now a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index. Moreover, its customer base now contains many of the biggest online casino operators in the UK, Europe and Canada.

Branded games have been source of success for Playtech

One of the company’s calling cards is to create casino games based on various elements of pop culture: movies, television shows and so on. Everything from Rocky to the Flintstones to Top Gun has been turned into an officially licensed casino slot. Indeed, one of Playtech’s biggest coups was the agreement with DC Comic’s parent, Time Warner, to create dozens of superhero themed slot games based on the likes of Batman and Superman.

Playtech is not the only software company to create games in such a manner. For example, you can find different versions of a Baywatch online slot game made by both Playtech and rival gaming developers. Yet, Playtech is arguably the developer that has perfected the art of bringing movies and pop culture figures to online casinos. The games are big, bold and brash, with many having interconnected progressive jackpots.

US market is seen as ‘holy grail’ for casino software developers 

Today, Playtech’s share price on the LSE is less than half of what it was a couple of years ago. Yet, could it be an opportune moment for investment in Playtech stocks, and perhaps in other casino developers’ stocks, such as 24/7 Gaming? There are a number of reasons why they should interest investors, but the continuing push to open up the gambling laws in the United States seems to be looming above the rest. Several states have pushed to legalize gambling, and there has been some headline moves of late with the likes of Fox entering the sports betting market.

The point is that there is potent, potentially a very big market in the United States, which could help companies like Playtech and Microgaming outstrip what they have achieved in Europe and Canada. Playtech has a sound business model, one where it often signs exclusive deals with online casino operators to stock its games alone. But it is also a boundary pusher, always looking to steal a march on its rivals when it comes to developing new technology for casino platforms.

The current CEO, Mor Weizer, has recently signalled that the company has designs of building its presence in the US gaming market, which was backed up by the fact it acquired its first casino licence in New Jersey last year. If a dynamic, ambitious company like Playtech really flexes its muscles in the US, investors could benefit by getting on board early. It’s one to keep an eye on.

By Jon Dela Cruz

Investing, to some degree, is like gambling. You continue to take calculated risks and determine at different stages when you should invest more or hold on for some time. People who invest in the forex market, or are planning to, are now looking at what crypto trading has to offer. While there are similarities between the two, there are differences that you should know about before taking the plunge.

Variety and Volatility

With over 2,500 cryptocurrencies on offer, selecting one or more based on future performance can be a daunting task. Forex trading, on the other hand, often involves trading in a few major currency pairs along with some minor or exotic currencies. Besides, while forex trading has been around for a while, the crypto market is relatively new, and typically more vulnerable to volatility. Investing in both requires that you keep a close eye on the markets. Alternatively, you may consider getting trading bots to do the work for you.

The Time Factor

Forex trading usually requires that you make short-term investments. In several scenarios, you may wait no more than a few days to capitalize on the small profit margins that come your way. With forex trading, you tend to make more money when you trade more. Given the higher volatility that cryptocurrencies tend to experience – with their prices skyrocketing or plummeting in a few hours – you need to look at your investments from a long-term perspective. This could be several months to even a year or more.


The forex market is highly liquid, and you may look forward to completing trades in near real-time. However, when it comes to cryptocurrencies, especially the ones that are not very popular, you may find a significant gap when it comes to liquidity. This might expose you to a noticeable bid-ask spread. However, following the right kind of trading strategies ensures that you do not suffer because of higher spreads.


When you trade in forex, you typically end up using the services of a broker or a trading firm, which comes at a cost. With crypto trading, there is no need for a middleman and you may carry out your trades directly through a cryptocurrency exchange. This makes your trades more cost-effective in terms of fees and charges. (more…)

By Charlie Brown

Real estate is a promising industrial sector. There can be a few market fluctuations, but it is a flourishing domain for investors to invest. Today, several opportunity zones can support lucrative retail and residential projects. A smart private real estate investment firm analyzes the future scopes of opportunity zones and invests accordingly. To know more about it, you can get in touch with Ricardo Rubiano . However, there are several advantages of real estate investments. The important ones are as follows:

1. It is simple to understand

The moment you start investing , it might seem slightly perplexing having a holistic view of the overall project. Several investment types depend on complicated algorithms and abstract concepts that can be somewhat challenging to grasp. However, when it comes to real estate, it includes buying physical properties. Also, the majority of people know about the nature of the real estate. Furthermore, making real estate investments is simpler to understand than difficult investments which get developed by the ace mathematicians.

2. There’s a scope to enhance real estate

Right after you purchase a stock, you keep it on hold for a while and then sell it for some profit. The stock success is based on company management as well as their corporate success, which you can’t control. Private real estate investments are qualitatively different.  You can exercise your control here. Even though it’s difficult to control the economic and demographic changes, you have a chance to manage several aspects of property management. If you properly maintain your real estate portfolio, you can enhance the entire value of your real estate investment and generate wealth.

3. It does not promote inflation

Simply put, real estate responds adequately to inflation. When inflation increases, the housing rents and values increase. Usually, real estate can be considered as a favorable hedge against inflation. The rental properties that get released annually are efficient. Hence, real estate investments are considered one of the ideal ways to avert an investment portfolio against inflation.

4. The real estate properties can work when the market is ineffective  (more…)