By Stacy Richards

If you have just completed construction of your house, a home inspection can help you identify any defects before you move in. While in the old home inspections are done to identify the extent of wear and tear, newly constructed homes are inspected to ensure they have been built well. During an inspection, old homes are checked for roof conditions, mold, and termites. This is not the case for newly constructed homes. Ideally, new constructions should be defect-free because they have never been used before.

But this assumption is far from the truth. Newly constructed houses have defects too and inspecting them helps with the identification of errors that have occurred in the building process. Fixing these issues early is the key to preventing long-term problems. There are three phases of inspection that new constructions should undergo. These are:

1. Pre-dry wall inspections

This is the first phase of inspection. This inspection is done once foundation components have been installed in the house. These include the floor, wall and roof, as well as windows and exterior doors. Also, plumbing, electrical and rough-in components must be in place before the inspection. Ordinarily, the inspection takes 60-90 minutes to complete and prepare a report.

2. Final inspection

This is the second phase of inspection and it’s done after building the home is complete. It is the most important type of inspection.

3. One year warranty inspection

This inspection is done before the warrant expires. Most people who do this inspection are those who fail to inspect their homes before moving in. Once they begin experiencing many problems than they expected, they decide to conduct an inspection to find out what else they may have missed out. After the inspection, the construction firm fixes the issues. This inspection is most beneficial when it is done to find out the condition of the house after one year of living in it.

Usually, the purpose is to find out whether there are issues that may have arisen after the final inspection. A one-year warranty inspection is often conducted on the 11th month after one has moved into the new house. Doing it at the expense of the final inspection is costly and time- consuming.

So, Why Should you Inspect your Newly Constructed Building?

Inspection of a newly constructed is important because it enables you to get a YBI Sunshine Coast licensed home inspection early before you move into your new home. Here are more reasons why your new home needs inspection: (more…)

By Grace Murphy

From its financial capital, Sydney, the Australian forex market has become a vitally important foreign exchange centre.

Today, the Australian forex market is renowned as one of the main forex markets for traders, and its time zone dictates when many traders choose to operate.

Thanks to its popularity, many traders choose to use the Australian forex market as their gateway to making profitable trades in currencies across Asia. With this in mind, we’ve created a series of tips for those looking to start trading in this dynamic market.

Watch The Australian Dollar

Australia’s currency is the Australian dollar, or AUD. When trading in the Australian forex market it’s important that you keep an eye on the AUD price, as this will affect most of your trades. The price of the AUD is, like many currencies around the world, tied to the price of gold, so keep a close watch on the price of this and its correlation to the AUD so that you’re always aware of the state of the country’s economy and have an overview of how the currency operates. This currency is popular with traders around the world, and if you’re trading on the Australian forex market then it makes sense for you to take an interest in its progress.

Pick The Best Currency Pairs

In forex trading, returns are made by selecting two currency pairs and then investing in one and converting to the other. This means that you need to select compatible currency pairs whose markets will be open at around the same time, so choose the right currency pairs that’ll give you the best chance of success in the Australian forex market.

Get A Good Broker

Find a broker that specializes in working in the Australian forex market so that you can rely on them to show you the best trades and give you a platform that’s designed with the Australian market in mind. Here are 10 of the best Australian forex brokers so that you can find the perfect broker to suit your needs. (more…)

By Michael Kuchar

There was once a time when trading in the stock market was exclusive to people working in financial institutions of repute, trading houses, and brokerages. With the advent of the internet, broker platforms, and online trading houses, all this has changed, and the ease with which you can join the stock market has increased. Of the many trading strategies, and mechanisms in use today, day trading can indeed turn out to be quite the lucrative career.

This being said, it is challenging for novices, and you must do thorough research, and perform your due diligence. Jumping on the stock day trading platform doesn’t make sense if you do not know what you are doing. Even the most seasoned of day traders can experience losses and hit rough patches. While equities and stocks are thought of as long-term investments, stock day trading provides an exciting opportunity for those who want to make quick money. But be careful, day trading stocks can be also quite risky as in most of your trades you are going to use leverage which is two-edged sword.

Short-term trades can be profitable, if your ability, and research matches your ambition. Before getting into the stock day trading market though, you must open an account on a Stock broker platform. We have made the task of choosing the best stock day trading platform easier for you. Here are a couple of the best stock broker platforms you must join today.

1. ETFinance – New but fierce broker

The ETFinance broker platform is licensed by the Cyprus-based, Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. While ETFinance is a relatively new stock day trading broker

(Having been launched in 2018), it has entered the market with flying colours. Their website is relatively easy to use, and does not come with the unnecessary gloss. Navigation is simple, comes with no needless text or advertising, and no overwhelming imagery.

One of the many perks of using ETFinance is that is offers its users a choice of several trading platforms. MT4 is a fascinating trading platform, which offers a slew of features that experienced traders will (and do) hold dear. (more…)

By Rock Alva

You may be laughing reading the title but don’t get me wrong, let me clear my perspective with some solid arguments and reasons. No doubt, the USA is a superpower and loved by immigrants from all over the world. But during the past couple of decades, Canada has made it possible to live the famous "American dream" in very less cost as compared to America itself. The luxury lifestyle and the cost to that are much more affordable in Canada now.

So, you should unquestionably immigrate to Canada instead, here are some reasons for that.

1. Amiable immigration Policies

The first thing that you face after landing on any country's airport is their immigration policy. You have to pass through a painful process of documentation for a study permit, work permit, permanent residency or even for the tourist visa, especially when the country is the USA. But not for Canada. The whole process of documentation for any visa permits in Canada is a lot easier and more straightforward than the USA.

The best part of Canadian immigration is that your spouse can work in Canada even if you are not a citizen of Canada and have any study permit or work permit visa. You definitely can not do that in the USA. Can you?

1. Better Healthcare for immigrants. 

Do you know how much premiums a USA citizen has to pay for his health insurance? It is about $321 per month for a single person. In Canada, you have to pay around $70 to $160 per month, and you will be blessed with every possible medical treatment, no matter if you are a Canadian citizen or not.

Healthcare is a significant facility that you need for a good lifestyle, and this is a considerable discount that Canada is giving you. In short, healthy life in Canada is cheaper as compared to the US.

1. Affordable Education System

Canada is known as a “Free education Country”, and the reason is the high standard of education, Canada student loan and education is free up to secondary education. I want to mention here that this free education is in Public school, not in Private schools, but there is not much difference between them both.  (more…)