By Jeff Pierce

Tomorrow isn’t going to be a game changer by itself but it could be the start of something if we get a strong close. However I wouldn’t start to call it a victory for the bulls because many of my internal signals are still pointing down and there has been a severe lack of new leaders during this earning season.

Below is my outlook on the 2 tech bell weathers that dominated the after hours news.




By Jeff Pierce

I know the bulls will say that we’re a stones throw away from new highs on the SPX and DJIA, but I remain of the opinion (or bias if you will) that the markets are in risk off mode as shown by the 2 charts below.

As long as we are on this side of the shaded area the markets are going to struggle moving higher. The move higher over the last 6 sessions is simply a technical bounce off the 200 moving average.



I thought we would keep selling off to the December support but the bulls stepped in and rallied us nearly all the way back to resistance. Now we should be close to a top that will be aggressively sold. There is still an outside chance we make a new intraday high to really suck in the masses, so be watching for that. Going forward we’ll likely see more selling with new multi-month lows or we’ll go up a little more and then sell off. Both scenarios see the markets going lower.



By Astrology Traders

eggsWe want to wish all our subscribers, regardless of your faith, a very Happy Easter.  There is an inner significance to the meaning of the Easter-egg hunt that I want to share.  We, as traders and investors, are living examples of the quest made, and ritual of the Easter-egg hunt.

The Easter-egg hunt is a ritual meant to teach children to look for the secret rays, the divine aura of the soul. It is the ritual of seeking and finding in all things, and to have the joy in the discovery of a higher consciousness.  When prizes are awarded for the one who finds the most eggs, the child’s soul learns that there is a reward in heaven for each ring, or colored ray, with which he adorns as attainment to his soul.  It is the ritual of seeking and finding in all things–having to muster the will, relying on intuition, inspiration, a compass and the stars, having to have enough desire in the attainment of the prize to pursue.

Best wishes

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By Chris Ebert

With the U.S. markets currently in a long holiday weekend, many traders are likely enjoying a break from market analysis. So here is something to consider that will only take a few moments, but may prove to be an immense help during the week ahead.

A type of option trading, known as Long Call* trading, is usually profitable whenever a strong Bull market is underway. Conversely, whenever a strong Bull market is underway, Long Call trading is profitable.

Although the S&P soared 2.5% higher this past week, a holiday-shortened week no less, Long Call trading remained unprofitable. Thus, this is not a strong Bull market, at least not from the perspective of a Long Call trader.

A weak Bull market can strengthen – that is always a possibility – so it would not be beyond comprehension if stocks continued to rally during the coming week. But, at the same time, traders should be prepared in case the already weak Bull market weakens further.

“Buying stocks when Long Calls fail to profit is tantamount to fighting the tides of the sea.”

Stocks and Options at a Glance

Click on chart to enlarge

*All strategies involve at-the-money options opened 4 months (112 days) prior to this week’s expiration using an ETF that closely tracks the performance of the S&P 500, such as the SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (NYSEARCA:SPY)

When Bull markets become weak, pullbacks can be both swift and severe, and they can occur with or without accompanying economic news. If a significant sell-off does indeed occur in the next few weeks, readers here may want to consider that the reason for such a sell-off may be nothing more than weakness, as evident in the S&P’s failure to climb any higher than Bull Market Stage 3 this past week.

You are here – Bull Market Stage 3.

On the chart above there are 3 categories of option trades: A, B and C. For this past week, ending April 12, 2014, this is how the trades performed:

  • Covered Call trading is currently profitable (A+). This week’s profit was +2.7%.
  • Long Call trading is currently not profitable (B-). This week’s loss was -1.5%.
  • Long Straddle trading is not currently profitable (C-). This week’s loss was -4.2%.

Using the chart above, we can see that the combination, A+ B- C-, occurs whenever (more…)