Tweet I felt really detached from the markets today and I think it all started with the amount of sleep I didn’t get. Upon moving to the West coast I was glad that my trading day would be finished at 1:00pm, thinking I would have all this free time after the close. That was until I realized […]

Tweet I’m a momentum trader that specializes in market timing. By developing a proprietary timing system over the years that takes emotions out of the trade, it allows me to be on the right side of the trade. I share those very same signals with you on my free newsletter here. While it’s nearly impossible to eliminate […]

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Tweet There’s not much out there that looks good for shorting at this exact moment. That could change a few hours into tomorrow’s session, but right now I’m not seeing anything that I would feel comfortable shorting. That’s not to say I’m not seeing a lot of stocks that are overbought, as many are. However, I’m […]

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Tweet Dave Ambrose has been actively trading equities since 2001 by idenifying emerging trends and getting into them early. While investigating alternative trading strategies on the internet one day, Dave came across Jeff’s blog and a friendship was quickly formed. He was signed up for several stock investing information services at the time and was […]