Tweet The stock market is like a giant puzzle and it’s our job to recognize patterns that are in the process of forming right now, then compare them with past events, to form a conclusion about how you’ll proceed. Sometimes these puzzle pieces just fit, sometimes they don’t, and other times we have to force […]

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Tweet Hmmm. Chalk one up for the bullish camp here. My broker TD Ameritrade is offering nightly classes entitled: Trading in a Bear Market. Where have they been for the last year?

Tweet Everybody has one question tonight. Is the stock market going to bottom soon? So I decided to ask my magic 8-Ball. I debated whether to write up a commentary about today’s action as it could change in a flash if we suddenly hear that the bailout is suddenly approved, but I thought I’d ad […]

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Tweet The Nasdaq was extremely weak today, down 9.14% verses the Dow, which was only down a tad under 7%. It’s almost comical to say out loud that the Dow was only down 7&. Anyhow, if the Dow was down on a percentage basis as much as the tech heavy Nasdaq, it would of suffered […]