Tweet Today was a classic example of how bear markets can cause you to make mistakes even when you’re right. Let me elaborate and I hope that everyone can learn from my error. Coming into this week I was very bullish on the short term for a number of reasons I’ve blogged about here, feeling […]

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Tweet The .Beta watchlist has been updated with bullish ultrashort ETF’s. These charts look to be setting up to run higher, which is yet another reason to be bearish on the markets in the short term. .Beta Watchlist Courtesy of Rickydavid

Tweet Today’s action reminds me of the old saying that “Close only counts in horseshoe’s and hand grenades.”It was a day of lost opportunity for myself personally and for the markets in general. They had a chance to make a stand in spite of all the negativity that was going on in the foreign markets […]

Tweet Traffic has surged here as of late and I’m sure it has to do with lots of people being very nervous about what is going to happen in the markets this week searching out others views on the markets. I myself did a lot of surfing this weekend and I have to say that […]