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Tweet Techs were a big drag on the Nasdaq today and lookingat a 15 minute of the chart it appears that index wants to move lower. I already have a sell on the Nasdaq from last week so I’ll be looking for signs of weakness and I see two here. Moving averages are still in […]

Tweet If you have spare time over the New Years holiday check out the following collaboration by Dinosaur Trader. It’s a “best post of 2008” by the traders that make up his blogroll and it’s worth checking out as it may introduce you to a blogger that you don’t already follow. I think it’s a […]

Tweet This video is taken from Trade Pilot Pro‘s blog and it’s a shame that he doesn’t update on a regular basis as he did about 6 posts last year, but this video is excellent regarding the psychology of trading. His bit about looking at the chart while you’re in the trade, and then analyzing […]