Tweet  Today was a good day. Not because I made money, but because I was in the zone. I was able to ride a trend that I recognized developing for the past few days and the market actually followed through for once. It was a good day because trading wasn’t boring and there wasn’t the […]

Tweet and good riddance. For your viewing pleasure, I bring you the former leader of the free world… (shaking head)


Tweet The other day I expressed concern over how many call options were being bought when compared to put options. We were at traditionally bearish levels when you compare this indicator’s past. When the market’srally like they did on a news specific even at a time when this indicator is at these levels,  often times […]

Tweet Image via Wikipedia One of my friends back in Pa uploaded this video onto my Facebook page and I found it extremely entertaining, considering I’m not even a Steelers fan. However I am a fan of footall and witty indie short films that are unique in some way. In light of the Superbowl being this weekend, […]