Tweet Updated the watchlist today with some more long candidates although I’m skeptical of any rally as I mentioned in a previous post. There just doesn’t seem to be many decent short setups. As of right now I’m watching this list with one eye open as the markets have been extremely boring when you take […]

Tweet Image via Wikipedia I really thought Buffet was making a mistake when he did that piece in the NY Times telling Americans to load the boat on U.S. equities last fall. He knows he’s not a good market timer so he shouldn’t have dumped so much money in the markets at one time. I don’t care what his […]

Tweet Both of these charts stick out for me as potential reasons any rally attempt is going to be sold. After hours positive earnings news is driving the markets higher but with such call options being gobbled up investors are already historically bullish that there may be nowhere to go but down from here. These […]


Tweet clipped from Weak stocks and stronger bonds tell us the government’s reflation efforts are thus far not working. If concerns about deflation remain more prevalent than concerns about inflation, fixed income assets may offer us an apportunity. With money markets, CDs, and Treasuries paying next to nothing, we may be able to find […]