Tweet There are a number of bullish signs that point to a move higher, and I’ve not included the 30 minute chart that looks very good as well. However it pays to be aware of both scenarios and should this chart breakdown from this wedge formation it would be much lower prices. UNG continues to […]


Tweet   From a poker pdf I read awhile back. I substituted a few words and you’ll see how useful these guidelines can be for traders. Actual winning/losing of a trade is unimportant. Each well executed trade, win or lose, is a victory. Each poorly executed trade is a defeat (even if you make money). Each move or action […]

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Tweet The monthly RSI has just rolled over and will most likely head down and form some type of double bottom. The last time the Transports fell so much and touched it’s long term support in 02′-03′ it formed this type of bottoming pattern and then went on a major bull market run. This would […]