Tweet Six parts in total, but well worth the time investment as it covers many various topics like the Government’s confusion between the concepts of regulations vs control, online poker’s recent legal troubles, cops choking ambulance drivers, and how Ayn Rand is suddenly cool again. The government ultimately feels that this whole crises is our […]

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Tweet 93% of the volume today was to the downside. Not that you should be surprised. This is the 2nd Monday in a row that we’ve seen a big sell off. This is just one more change in character that I’ve noticed as during this entire rally Monday’s have usually been big up days. clipped […]


Tweet Question everything, including the nature of reality.

Tweet I’m not seeing any new momentum stocks showing up on my scans recently and many stocks are failing to continue upwards. Read into that what you will. Additions: N/A Deletions: CYOU ARST GMCR OGXI Beta Watchlist Courtesy of kiddharma [ad#co-1]