Tweet Has the Housing Market Really Hit Bottom or Is It Headed for Another Collapse? By Jason Simpkins Managing Editor Money Morning A rash of positive housing data has given some analysts hope that the housing market has bottomed and an economic recovery is underway. But the soaring unemployment and rising mortgage rates could lead […]

Tweet Nothing really does change does it? You’d think that after more than 70 years the Government would learn to stay out of the free markets. Even back then people were complaining about the manipulation and interference that went on. We may have a few years scattered throughout the decades when it’s really OK to […]

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Tweet The Dow seems to be stalling like it did back in June. This time could be a different end result as we’re right near resistance and a rejection wouldn’t be unreasonable. I wouldn’t be shorting this until the breakdown occurs, as the trend is still up and a violent upside break wouldn’t surprise me […]


Tweet Anytime you look at a chart and see a dramatic move such as this, it’s important to take notice and dig deeper for implications. clipped from Below you see the big picture of all cross-border flows in May as published by the U.S. Treasury. It shows both foreign investment in the U.S. and […]