Tweet By Peter Krauth Contributing Editor Money Morning As you review your investment portfolio to size up your current exposure to gold, keep one key point in mind: When it comes to profits, there’s no rush like a speculative gold rush. And that’s just what we have at hand. Inflationary fears are on the march […]

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Tweet “First a small scout darts in to take a bite, and checks to how the prey reacts. If it gets a violent reaction, they all back off. But if not, then the whole pack just piles in.” It seems I can discover a trading lesson in the most unlikely places. [ad#co-1]

Tweet If you want to see Ben Bernanke squirm then watch this video. It appears he’s not capable of speaking a word of truth. He fidgets, stutters, stalls, and sometimes flat out doesn’t even answer the question. Meanwhile Congressman Alan Grayson seems to have intelligent questions and remains calm all the while he knows that […]