Tweet . Here is a comment I received that I feel is worthy of a discussion rather than just a few sentence reply that many may overlook in the comment section.  I’m curious to hear what others have to say about this topic. Another interesting question might be: Why do human beings look so hard for patterns, perhaps, so hard […]

Tweet William Patalon III Executive Editor The Money Map Report Three of the financial institutions that were key catalysts to the global financial crisis – and that owe the federal government billions of dollars as a direct result of those problems – have seen their shares triple in price so far this month. That could […]

Tweet It curious how the same patterns repeat in the markets. Could we be setting up for a fall? I would simple draw support/resistance lines on an intraday chart and wait for the markets to break out one way or the other to determine which way the next move is going to be. I’ll be […]

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Tweet I have a feeling this is a significant chart indicative of the internals and we’re going to look back in a week or month and realize this was very telling. As the market continues to make new highs, there is a very clear downtrend line forming that if we don’t break out of will […]