Tweet Back in January I talked about how the US Dollar was on the verge of collapsingand recent developments are reinforcing my view. After breaking down from a major head and shoulder pattern in 08′, this currency had quite a violent throwback, causing many bears to reverse their position. Now that the chart has resumed […]

Tweet . Current events form future trends….this is one trend that doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. Some very interesting facts in this short video. [ad#co-1]

Tweet Despite my feelings that the markets are overbought and “need” to correct, I’m going to continue playing the hot sectors until the markets do roll over. I’m not going to be that guy that tries to nail the top. These are a few strong sectors that I’ve deemed worthy of my attention. Here are the […]

Tweet …and I mean everybody. Whose left to push this market higher? When the majority of the crowd are buying call options, it’s time to start looking at the other trade. Sentiment is very one sided after today’s big push higher. Ideally I’m hoping for a gap up on Monday to short into. It will […]