Tweet Despite big gains on the averages, upside volume accounted for 81% of the move, which is not exactly convincing that this move has lasting power. clipped from  


Tweet If today’s move is the start of the next wave up, leaders like GMCR who are in late stage bases will continue to outperform. If the leaders hit resistance and get turned back it will be one sign that the buyers aren’t there to push the markets higher. Currently GMCR settled right at it’s […]

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Tweet These scenes do not sit well with me at all. Martial law is looking like it’s here already.

Tweet …But is Unlikely to Cause a Significant Rift By Jason Simpkins Managing Editor Money Morning China is Investing Billions in Renewable Energy One firm has already built China’s largest wind turbine manufacturing factory. And it’s working with the Chinese Science Academy to develop new wind, solar, and geothermal technologies… for which it will own […]