Tweet This first chart is might look weird at first because it’s the Put/Call Ratio, without the actual chart the of the indicator. I’ve removed it and left the 10day moving average to smooth out the chart and get a better idea of what is really going on. When the market topped out in late […]

Tweet Today demonstrates why it’s a good reason to always focus on the leaders and don’t let your”what you think should happen ego” get in the way of your trading. This sector is not one that I would have expected to perform as well has it has this month, but here it is leading the […]

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Tweet Today was a dull day but this sector had a nice balance of strength with room to run higher before overbought conditions set in. Leaders in this sector are:  BAX OMI ACL CYBX. The Platinum & Precious metal sector took quite a hit today, down almost 8%. This sector has been hands down the strongest […]

Tweet Fascinating documentary on crop circles. I haven’t heard much on this topic in years, and it’s really quite amazing how intricate the designs have gotten. Really makes you wonder about a few questions….namely who, how, or what is doing these.