Tweet The reason behind the above title is on April 1st I received a sell signal on the markets only to be whipsawed 2 days later. I believe that was a head fake to lure in the investors who felt like they missed the rally. Sorry this is so late, as my day was jammed […]


Tweet 93% of today’s volume was to the downside. This is a very significant and highly bearish number. Given this came near the highs of the markets, it’s quite likely this is the start of a bigger correction coming. clipped from  

Tweet Today looks to have completed the topping process on this chart. Shorting any bounces could be a good strategy here. [ad#co-1]

Tweet Multi-month highs with RSI and ADX starting to build momentum. Markets could easily pause here for a much need consolidation. That 200 day moving average is still going to provide some resistance though. [ad#co-1]