Tweet I’m way to left brained because I love charts like this. clipped from  

Tweet Silver is rangebound right now and appears poised to continue it’s ascent, however the ADX is somewhat troubling here. The trend is not very strong here (based on the floundering ADX line) and I would be watching this indicator to see if it makes a change in direction soon. [ad#co-1]

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Tweet I haven’t scoured the entire gold sector, but this stock is outperforming many, if not all the gold stocks out there. If there is one that has outperformed this stock as of late, let me know so I can keep an eye on that one as well. [ad#co-1]

Tweet I uploaded a new book for you guys to chew on. It’s only 1170 pages so I expect you to have it done by next week so we can chat about it….lol. Disclaimer – I own the hard copy, but haven’t had a chance to read past chapter one yet, but everything by Hill […]