Tweet Somewhat good news for those that are hoping for a rally in the markets. clipped from The CBOE put/call ratio tells us the public is still overly bearish following the panic of two weeks ago. There’s hardly a bull among the retail investor crowd right now, which supports the stock market’s “wall of […]


Tweet When using the RSI, readings between 20-60 are associated with downtrending charts and 40-80 are uptrending. The Vix has recently undergone a complete character change throughout the month of May. It’s also finding support at certain moving averages and it’s ability to stay above it’s 200ma is a good sign for the bears. This […]


Tweet While it is true that once you have a stance it’s easy to find a million reasons to support it (much more than the 30 Christian supplied). That’s one of the reasons I am a huge proponent of following a system to take out trying to figure what the market is going to do. […]


Tweet 96% of today’s volume was to the upside, and when I looked at the % gain, I was a little shocked. Then I looked at the overall volume and figured a lot of people started their holiday weekend a little early….lol. clipped from