Tweet Nothing about these 2 charts suggest we’ve hit a bottom and that we’re going to bounce. If I was a betting man (which I’m not ironically) I’d say were going to see some serious resistance near the 200ma. Maybe we pop slightly higher, but I have a hard time seeing that happening. Today’s pop […]

Tweet My signals are in line with Christians here that we’re going to see new lows on the Nasdaq. Today’s volume across the board was anemic and gives me no faith whatsoever that this will last more than 2-3 days at most. I’ll have to wait until tomorrow but it’s highly likely I’ll be initiating […]

Tweet I recently had a laptop crash so I was looking around for external hard drive space to store ebooks and other files that I wanted to have a backup copy of. The neat thing about Dropbox is that you can share specific folders with people so they can have access to whatever you put […]

Tweet I find these cheat sheets incredibly useful and I hope you do as well. clipped from It makes sense to have the facts handy.?A number of foodie-friendly iPhone apps have popped up in the past several months to remedy the confusion. There’s Locavore, the quick reference guide for food near you, and Breadcrumbs, […]