Tweet . OK guys, here I am making my video debut. I’m going to warm you it’s a little rough around the edges and it’s going to take some time before my videos are polished and high quality, but in the long run I’ll be able to go over more charts, graphs, and share my […]

Tweet When looking at the Put Call chart our only guidelines to use are where we’ve been in the past and base our analysis off of that. The values of .80 and .85 are quite high readings of fear and the markets usually find some sort of short-term bottom . While we are not there […]

Tweet I really enjoyed both of these books and for added incentive to read the latter one it was written by Wells Wilder, who created the RSI indicator. It’s a little out there and I certainly don’t want to spoil the surprise, but it’s like $145 bucks on Amazon. Somebody is paying a lot of […]


Tweet I outline these particular points on the RSI indicators all the time, but I can’t remember if I’ve ever taken the time to explain it. One way to utilize the RSI to define bull and bear markets in particular indexes and individual stocks is to watch if the RSI fluctuates between 20-60 or 40-80. […]