Tweet While it feels like my system has been flip-flopping a lot lately it’s important to know that this is something that happens with any market timing system. The last time we went bullish last week my main system when bullish, but my scans never really generated any decent longs. Therefore it’s important to keep […]


Tweet It feels like the markets want to start heading lower. When you look at what the RSI has been doing, pathetic volume as of late, and add in how the averages have been acting around certain key moving averages, it adds up to a very weak market. I’m completely flat right now and while my […]

Tweet I’m going to try and focus on some Canadian plays when I can and here are a few individual plays that could be ready to break out to all time highs. When/if these stocks form the cup, wait for a small pullback and then initiate positions when it breaks out through the confirmation line.


Tweet …according to Prechter. These charts are always “fun” to look at but in my opinion next to impossible to utilize in your trading plan. Because the sooner you start to become one sided in your bias, the more you start to look for indicators to support that bias. clipped from The average length […]