Tweet I can’t say I disagree with Christian’s analysis that we could be in store for some major selling. The problem is the volatility has been crazy and my trend system hasn’t rolled over yet. It came real close yesterday, and with today’s gap down I thought for sure we could stick a fork in […]

Tweet The results are in…don’t let the pictures get in the way of the important messages in this video. Great stuff here. For simple straight forward tasks that are incentive based, the results are outstanding. For complicated, conceptual, critical thinking tasks, the higher incentives lead to worse performances. Money is a motivator: If you don’t […]

Tweet I’m currently rereading “Complete Turtle Traders“ and if you’re not familiar with the story, I highly recommend this book. There aren’t many books that I reference often and this is one of them due to the psychological insight of trading and it’s impact on your performance. And what you’re going to read below is just […]

Tweet I like today’s action as it favors the bulls. After looking at this chart I opted to put some cash to work today near the close and bought ARMH SWKS RVBD. We ended today right at support. We could gap down tomorrow but until my main signal goes bearish, we should be buying these dips. Deploy […]