Tweet At Agora, Barry Rithollz had a bunch of charts much like this one and they were saying that this recent correction has taken us to within 15% of the median line for value. However, given that the run up was so insane, it’s almost a guarantee that the correction won’t end without a severe […]

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Tweet Even though I essentially moved to cash today I’m still bullish overall on the state of the markets. I opted to close out my ETF’s and take all of the profits after scaling out yesterday when I noticed we are closing in on the June highs. My thinking is that we have more downside […]


Tweet I picked up some calls on NFLX stock today and wanted to talk a little about my strategy for this particular trade. This is not my typical trade for the reasons that I normally don’t trade options and it’s not a momentum play. It seems that the trading gods are punishing me for trading […]

Tweet This is an interesting chart because we’re moving to overbought levels on the McClellan Oscillator ($NYMO) however that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We often have more upside once we hit these levels before we roll over and correct. This is where you have to be nimble with your positions as last week was […]