Tweet A friend on Twitter posted this and for some reason I immediately thought of the armageddon economic prediction by 80’s rock band R.E.M. I’m dating myself a little, but it was/is a great song and eerily relevant with the BP incident that is unfolding in slow motion right before our eyes. It’s my wish […]

Tweet The market is changing every moment and it’s extremely important to track everything you do in a stock trading journal.  I have a few different journals where I keep track of strategies I’m monitoring and future concepts I want to develop. In fact, I’m one of those that has stickys all over and at […]

Tweet Today was pretty brutal for the bulls, but the Fibonacci Lines suggest the retracement may stop at the 38.2% line. I held onto my longs because I didn’t receive any individual or market reversal signals. In fact, even with 94% of today’s volume being on the sell side, my system really didn’t drop as much […]

Tweet Yesterday after the close my market timing system got a bullish cross. What a time for my site to go down! Much apologies at such a critical time but if you were following me on Twitter you would have known that I excited my shorts and bought Q and SVR. I realize it goes […]