Tweet . Looking at the metals market I believe we’re going to be running into some major resistance soon for a couple of reasons. I share a different opinion than most that these markets are going to explode to the upside and below I’ll explain my reasons. I do believe the bull market in gold/silver […]

Tweet Somewhat of an uneventful day on Wall St with volume almost nonexistent. I kept waiting for the markets to bounce with my market timing system flashing an initial buy signal on Friday, but as I mention in the video that did not happen. I like to have a confirmation move to avoid jumping into […]

Tweet If it looks like a bottom it probably isn’t. Unemployment will continue to drag on the real estate recovery in both residential and commercial. clipped from   clipped from


Tweet Here are the results from my weekly Canadian scan highlighting mining stocks that are hitting new highs and could continue to rise. These are pure momentum plays and should be traded accordingly. Stocks that have this type of look generally take off once they cross the $10/share barrier as mutual funds give them serious […]