Tweet I received a very unexpected preliminary change in my trading system on Friday which caused me to trim down on my shorts after the close. I’ll need to see a bullish close on Monday to confirm that change and move into the bull camp, and that may be difficult now that we’re overbought on […]

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Tweet It seems that the action in bonds over the past week tells me that they want to pause before heading off to new highs. I’m sure many out there will say that the bond bubble has burst and that they’re toast. As of right now I tend to think this is just a little blip […]

Tweet I’m sure many of you will remember this song and feel nostalgia while watching the video, but did you really listen to the words back in the day? There is some great wisdom here and I thought it was worthwhile to put it up here for those to take a 2nd listen and for those who […]

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Tweet This should have been up hours ago but we entertained tonight and it seemed to take forever to load. There is one actionable stock idea at the very end. Enjoy and please share with your networks!