Tweet Bearish sentiment has picked up a lot after today’s major reversal day and for good reason, but there are some positives out there where I could see this market continue to move up. Today’s candlestick reversal reminds me of the day back in March (highlighted by arrows ) where we had a key reversal […]

Tweet I find these types of reports laughable, but they make for interesting reading nonetheless. Maybe Harry Dent was right after all, but I don’t really see it. The good news is it doesn’t matter as I don’t base my trading on what I think the market is going to do…as I do what it’s […]

Tweet Kind of feels like 98′ in certain sectors…don’t ya think? Here are some stocks in the solar sector you might want to focus on if you’re feeling a little adventurous with JASO being the clear leader. A few other stocks that look strong are CRUS and SATC.

Tweet I noticed this index yesterday and wondered if it was going to break out. I even had started the blog post but didn’t get to finish it and today it did indeed break out. I believe what we’re seeing in the U.S. markets is sector rotation where some of the under-performing sectors may gain […]