Tweet The stocks in this sector that I particularly like are CVS NPD OCR WAG. I glanced at the news on these stocks and it appears that this sector moved on WAG’s strong earning numbers and that could provide the necessary fuel for this sector to continue moving higher.

Tweet While I fully agree this speculative sector needs to cool down before making new buy entries, when/if they pullback this is one area that could be gearing up for a bigger move. Last night all of these stocks showed up on my scans with RES.V being the recent leader of the group. It trades […]

Tweet When I think of the flash crash I always get all warm inside given that it’s my wife’s birthday. Oh…and I got short 4 days prior based on my market timing system. You can click on the link to get a bigger image. Well worth it for nostalgia sake. [ad#ad-1] clipped from  

Tweet Merger Monday provided some strength in this index as it clocked in as one of the stronger performing sectors for the day. Stocks in this sector which are mimicking the chart pattern on the XAL are: ALK CAL GOL LCC LUV TAM  UAUA I especially like GOL and TAM as almost all South American […]