Tweet . The TSX was extremely strong today due to strength in the precious metals sector. Below are some extremely bullish charts that I would be interested in once they have a small pullback. I realize that many of these look overbought (and I wouldn’t be buying them at the open), but with the sort […]

Tweet . I would be very worried if I was long this market with what I’m seeing in the market internals. In this video I mostly stick with the NYSE, NASDAQ, VIX analysis using  Keltner Channels. [ad#Google Adsense] “Mature understanding of and respect for risk is the hallmark of the best traders. They know that […]

Tweet . These charts I’ve clipped from Pragmatic Capitalism clearly show why the Dow Jones HomeBuilders Index is in such a funk these days. . clipped from

Tweet . Canadian markets are not sporting a clear technical pattern yet and the declining RSI is the only insights I can find as to where this may go at this moment. If the metals weaken (which the charts suggest), then the TSX should correct with them.