Tweet . Today the markets did it’s best to camouflage it’s real intent by throwing the bulls and the bears both a bone. The morning looked like a full fledged decline was about to be under way as the Nasdaq dropped to it’s lower trend line and did exactly what you would expect it to […]

Tweet . One of the better looking charts out there today within the gold sector is Rubicon Minerals as it’s being drivin by production news. It seems to be very hit or miss in this sector lately and one needs great stock picking abilities if they want to profit. Many of the individual issues are down today, as […]

Tweet . The other day I posted this video and I thought that was impressive. This is even better although slightly crazier. Seriously…who even thinks of attempting this stuff?  As I was watching it I called my daughter over and she was like oh…thats freerunning like it was common. It starts our a little slow […]

Tweet . I tried to get to them all and I’m starting to see a few more requests trickle in as I finish up this post. Be sure to sign up for my email series if you want to be considered for future technical analysis videos. Sorry about the length as I didn’t realize how […]