Tweet . If you look how the RSI is stair-steping down, it illustrates underlying weakness in this index. First it goes from extremely overbought (RSI > 80) to 50, then rallies back up to the overbought level, but fails to match it’s current level. Then it proceeds to make a new low, falling under 30, […]

Tweet . …but I also think it’ll be short lived to trick the masses. Below are the links from the video. Financial Armegeddon Value Walk Traders Narrative Stockcharts A friendly reminder that we can’t control everything in regards to our trading. Related Posts: Distribution Going on Behind the Scenes Inside My Stockcharts Account Trend Following […]


Tweet . On Thursday I mentioned that bio-techs were showing  relative strength and could be poised to move higher. While I am seeing a number of mixed messages regarding the short term direction of the markets, and will address them in a video tomorrow, bio-techs are certainly an area that can do well regardless of […]

Tweet . The following is a guest post by Mobile Guru. As gold continues to outperform many sectors and looks to close 2010 near the $1400 range, the projection for $2000/oz does not seem crazy for next year and beyond. Whether gold corrects or continues  its bullish ways, finding junior gold companies can be a […]