Tweet Today marked the first time since November that my market timing signal has gone bearish. At that time the upside momentum was to strong to allow the markets to correct properly, but I think this time is different. Or possibly it was just the Government’s manipulation of the bond market & POMO infusions…but who […]

Tweet Mondays can be a little blah, especially after the Friday we had. I think most traders are tiptoeing today trying to decide if there’s more downside left, or if we’re at a spot where the funds are going to step in and buy. These engineers have some really cool jobs as they get to […]

Tweet The following is a guest post by Mobile Guru. Just how hot will the emerging mobile market be this year? If the first notable IPO in the space is any indication, 2011 could be a barn burner. Velti PLC. (VELT), a mobile services provider formed ten years ago in Greece. Now headquartered in Dublin […]

Tweet Friday could be one of those landmark days that mark the end of this recent rally, and it’s sad that it took the protests in Egypt to be the catalyst for a sell-off. If we follow through and all three of the major indexes fall below the middle keltner channel, it will be a […]