Tweet I wanted to take a look at EGPT and see if there was a difference in the types of charts to see if one can gain an edge in getting short. When looking at a 3 line break chart of the Egypt Index you can see a bearish wedge forming with multiple points of […]

Tweet Mr. Mumbarak, Turn on that Internet! – Why the Egyptian Gov’t are failing in their handling of the protests. Dude, Where’s My Correlation – “there is the obligation to respect the market’s message and let the “reason” present itself later”. Delisting Stress – Dealing with stress in your trading. . Noteworthy tweets – I […]

Tweet The following is a guest post by Mobile Guru. In 2010 the number of buyout deals was low in the biotech area due to conservation of cash coupled with some very large drug companies finishing up their mergers led to very few deals of smaller biotech’s. 2011 has the promises a major acquisition year […]

Tweet I came across this video today where you hear live traders and their reaction on May 6th, which of course is the day of the Flash Crash. It’s always useful and interesting to go back and revisit trader’s reactions on monumental trading events such as this to see if you can learn how to […]