Tweet The complexion of investing has changed greatly over the past decade as new mediums have grabbed the stage and the barriers to capital flows have been dropped all across the globe.  Capital will always seek out higher returns, even if that means investing overseas.  Most every full service broker can now purchase shares for […]

Tweet The Nasdaq’s pattern is at a crossroads and while it appears to be bearish at this moment it wouldn’t take to big of a push to the upside to make yearly highs. Prudence is required as tomorrow is the first of the month which in recent months has been very bullish. I wouldn’t be […]

Tweet StrategyDesk is a cool piece of software from Ameritrade where you can create all kinds of customized scans. One such bullish scan that I’ve created is to try and identify sectors that are experiencing large daily moves, trading outside their average trading range (ATR), and I added a RSI parameter to eliminate weak sectors. […]

Tweet If you joined me on the short side and you want a possible suggestion for a stop, use the line that I’ve drawn for each chart below. There definitely was some interest in these contra ETF’s when the markets started to slide last week, and now we’re left to try and figure out if it was […]