Tweet If this bearish timing signal that I received this week is going to work out I feel that it has to happen soon to keep the downside momentum going. So far the selling volume on the Nasdaq has been very high while Friday when the market rallied substantially, it was a lower volume day. The […]

Tweet The following is a book review by Stephen Burns. I spent $150 on Wall Street: The Other Las Vegas to buy it used before this new version was published, and I have zero regrets about paying a premium to own this book. After reading over 150 books on stock trading and studying many of […]

Tweet Oil has gotten my attention this week as it has broken out to new multi-yr highs and given the tensions that are occuring in the middle east it’s likely to continue higher. Now I’m not one to trade off of macroeconomics, but my scan results this week are supporting a move higher in energy […]


Tweet The Uranium ETF (URA) has pulled back to an area where lately it’s bounced, often times very quickly. I pay attention to the RSI indicator a lot, and have found that when it stays between the 40-80 area it remains in a strong uptrend. When you combine that indicator with a 50 moving average, […]