Tweet The only real trade here is to be long as shorting here is going against the trend. Difficult as it may be to buy after the market has defied all logic that is what needs to be done. However do it sensibly by scaling into positions and do not outright chase stocks that are […]

Tweet Despite the lack of volume on the indexes, we are starting to see the percentage of stocks that trade above their 10day moving average rise back to more bullish levels. I consider the +80 level to be an area where momentum trading is best rewarded and we have reclaimed that level on the NYSE […]

Tweet Today we saw some follow through to yesterday’s timing signal turning bullish. While I realize that there are any number of reasons to doubt this rally (wars, natural disasters weighing on economy, window dressing, light volume)…I could probably keep going, we must remember that price is always king. The Dow Jones Transports are confirming […]

Tweet Why Stock Markets Crash (Wiley Publishing): Critical Events in Complex Financial Systems. Who doesn’t love a good stock market crash? Outside of short term traders, it’s an opportunity to reload your portfolio if you’re a long term investor and a chance to dip your toes into the world of Wall Street in if your […]