Tweet I remain bearish but my signal will be tested early this week if we rally right out of the gates. I always run my bullish scans regardless of what the market is doing because I want to see which stocks are leading the markets as those will be the ones that run the hardest […]

Tweet I am not a currency expert at all, but a chart is a chart and a breakout is a breakout. This is a nearly flawless bullish chart with the only negative being the high volume sell off on Friday. Other than that, this is a chart that should be bought on minor sell offs […]


Tweet Yes I’ve totally missed this 160 point rally on the Nasdaq and make no excuses. People are buying this market because there’s no good place other than the equities market to stash it. However as long as my signal is bearish I’ll remain as I’m still up on my shorts since I’ve taken profits […]

Tweet The following is a book review by Stephen Burns. Know Your Competition and Find Your Edge For Profitable Trading Trade The Trader (FT Press) is very basic, and the author didn’t deliver any solid trading tactics that one could apply in his/her trading. Tatro’s trading has evolved into trading traditional pattern failures, as opposed to […]