Tweet How’s this for a double confirmation of a my market timing signal. Spyder Crushers Trade Timer also turned bullish today, well…actually it flipped on Friday, but he missed it (to much partying..ha ha). Mine would have flipped on Friday, but I allow for a follow through day, which we got today. If you want […]

Tweet This is a entertaining 2 part interview with Jim Rogers where I often found the host to be extremely ignorant with ridiculous assumptions and opinions. Right off the bat he accuses Jim of being in the “middle of the curve” because his bias is so strong concerning the growth story that is Asia. If you […]

Tweet Tuesday morning update: covered half of my shorts 30 minutes into the trading day. I’m not going to fight this morning’s strength and will wait for EOD to see if signal changes. Update: Shows you how much I’m with it….Markets were closed today. I remain bearish per my timing system, but this market needs […]

Tweet The following is a guest post by a fellow investor (mobile guru) whose interest lie within the mobile space. In a previous article I had discussed Rockwell Medical Technologies (RMTI) and its potential movement based on a new drug approval as well as their potential inclusion into the Russell Index. In addition, another biotech […]