Tweet In this post I look at bonds on a weekly, daily, and 60 minute chart to try and determine if bonds are likely to head higher or lower over the coming weeks to months. My conclusion is that the way to trade these markets are to remain long TLT until it’s more clear that […]

Tweet Building on my previous post’s thesis that the markets are heading for further selling, I analyze a number of different leading stocks in relevant sectors to see if the markets are oversold. This video moves fast and I do that because unless one has a time limit it’s easy to ramble and I feel […]

Tweet The chart below is of the percentage of stocks on the Nasdaq that are above their 50dma and you can see the stair-step pattern should see this chart hitting new lows sometime in September, as each new low is about 3 months apart. This is not a given, nor is my prediction based on […]

Tweet The following is a guest post by John Douglas, who enjoys intelligent discussions around writing and focuses on portfolio enhancement through options. In a recent article, I discussed an approach to trading and investing which underscores critical analysis as well as a refined philosophical perspective. In this article, I will discuss a very recent […]