Tweet It’s always nice to talk about what happened in the markets, but we always have to be forward looking to how we want to play the markets during the next week. Below are my upside targets should the market rally. I’m not calling for a bounce, but we all know they can happen at […]

Tweet This week saw my longer term trading signal roll over and signal that it is not safe to be holding momentum stocks at this time. It doesn’t take a genius to see that the trend on all time frames remain down, but it does take a lot of restraint to keep oneself from gobbling up what […]

Tweet Early this morning Copper (/HG) triggered a sell signal in the futures market at a price of $3.294. I updated this page at the exact time the signal changed and will do so when it gives a cover signal for those that want to follow along. If copper starts another leg down that cannot […]

Tweet The last one I’m waiting for is a high volume sell off.