Tweet CNC is one healthcare stock that had a nice earnings run last month and looks to be in the consolidation phase before making another run at recent highs. It’s recently gotten a while candle on the 3 Line Break chart and I’ve outlined the area on the 60 min chart below which I think […]

Tweet Psychological Errors When Trading and Ways To Prevent Them   Making trades is stressful. Every trader has successes and failures, losses and mistakes. Psychological errors are almost always stress based, meaning that due to the stress of the trading situation itself, traders make poorly considered or impulsive choices that create panic or fear. The simplest way […]

Tweet There was a strange sell off in DRU towards the end of last week that reeks of forced liquidation. Eric Parnell over at Seekling Alpha noticed this and I wanted to do a chart that better illustrates when DRU has a price shock such as it did last week it can spell disaster for […]

Tweet The following is an excerpt from today’s weekend report from All About Trends. Premium members receive daily market commentary, trade ideas, and a concise trading plan. I personally recommend their service. Try it here at 50% off regular price. On Friday we said: “The bull count is looking like we could fly into quarter end, but don’t […]