Tweet Earnings were the fuel that pushed this out of a multi year up-trending channel, however  I suspect this is a trap for those buying at these levels. If you have a good profit in this stock now is the time to unload in my opinion as this is shaping up to be similar to the chart pattern AAPL […]

Tweet The strength in these weekly charts is impressive and the way stocks are reacting to earnings is a tell that the market will likely move up as well.

Tweet By Christopher Ebert Today, three new indexes are being introduced as an aid to traders. Each index provides additional insight into the current conditions of the stock market that may be helpful to stock traders as well as option traders. Over the coming weeks and months I will be analyzing these option indices and […]

Tweet The more I look at my charts now it appears I may  have bailed on my shorts prematurely and I feel better about added some short exposure in the form of DIA near the close. (all is explained in video) I normally try and wait for the end of the day before making any decisions and […]