Tweet Few charts of interest: NASDAQ HIGH LOW INDEX – 60 EMA is firmly pointed down. Very bearish for markets. Dow Jones Transports – bear flag spotting CRM – a lot of room on the downside here as broadening top is very bearish formation XOM – failed cup with handle can see a quick move […]

Tweet By All About Trends “As we go through the charts of the daily indexes and individual names we see a lot of POL’s (Pullbacks Off Lows). In downtrending markets POLs are the only pattern you need to know for shorting. Those POLs are also the what to watch out for if you are long.” […]

Tweet …holding the same large DIA position I’ve been in for awhile now. Nothing to do but wait for some sort of capitulation as the selling we’ve seen up to this point has been severe enough that there needs to be some sense of panic before we can gain any traction to the upside. Today was a […]

Tweet By Karen Starich Financial Astrology:  The Key To Future Investing Last week I was fortunate to attend the United Astrology Conference held in New Orleans.  The UAC is no ordinary convention, imagine a group of over 2000 people who spend most of their waking hours tuned into out space!  Bohemian is an understatement, but […]