Tweet While I’m not ready to buy anything long at this point now is the time to build your watchlist so when the market turns around you’ll know which stocks to focus on. Below are 3 strong charts to keep your eyes on.

Tweet Over the weekend I felt that the rally that the miners have been experiencing was close to coming to an end. We got the pop at the open, but the only stock on my watchlist that really qualified as a short entry per my system was NEM. I did get some shares of that […]

Tweet Here’s a little something to get you back in the trading mood….Can you imagine being right there in the middle of that crowd during that song…which undoubtedly is one of the best work out songs ever.  

Tweet By Chris Ebert Facebook stock options are set to begin trading Tuesday, May 29. While many are waiting to see what the premiums will look like, a better approach might be to ask what they should look like. Would you buy car insurance from the first agent that offered you a policy? You might […]