Tweet By Brien Satzinger Trading is indeed a war – Preparing Your Mind For Battle I’m now going to walk you through my battle camp.  You’re being given unrestricted access to see what works for a  trader.  I have nothing to sell you. I don’t even have a link to make a contribution. The information I’m […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert In last week’s Option Update the Featured Option Trade was a naked call. The most significant disadvantage of a naked call is that potential losses are theoretically unlimited. While the risk of a limitless loss is not something a trader should ignore, that risk needs to be evaluated in context in […]

Tweet By Dave Ambrose Story Stocks: Annie’s Naturals – BNNY Why do I think there is a story behind Annie’s Naturals?  What is the catalyst that could drive this stock to new heights? Well the first thing that comes to mind is my kids. I shouldn’t be surprised by this since they are responsible for causing erratic […]

Tweet I ran outta time on the video but I wanted to add a few comments about the TSX. This index is teetering on another sell signal after the diamond pattern non follow through. It’s really being hurt by the weakness in commodities but I feel like this going to bounce back and stage another […]