Tweet By All About Trends For you Trekkies you’ll understand that reference. And that’s what we are looking at right in here — A whole lotta shaking errr resistance going on. In multiple forms we might add. Caution on the long side IS advised. Quick question for you all. What if these two indexes above […]

Tweet For those complaining that this has been a difficult market to trade (and I’m in that group so don’t be offended…) hindsight provides a remarkable view of a market that has been extremely predictable. We seem to be at that juncture where the NYMO, trendline on price chart, and RSI all seem to be […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert Beginning today, the graphs for each of the 3 option indices have been expanded to show past performance going back a full 2 years. The change was made in an effort to allow traders a more comprehensive view of how each index can be used to detect the emotions of traders […]

Tweet Today is a classic example of Fed manipulation over exuberance by one side that more often than not leads to a point of price instability. This concept is explained in Michael Covel’s book “Complete Turtle Trader” as: “one side or the other will win the battle of psychological warfare, exhausted side will give up. At these […]