Tweet By All About Trends From here on out the rest of the day volume drops off and things tend to slow down, aside from S&P downgrading Spain as we write this, but we’ve all already known that and it’s not anything new if you ask us. Just that it happened on a pre-holiday trade […]

Tweet  Today we had an unexpected timing signal change to down. Now is the time to hedge your long positions by initiating shorts on your market etf of choice, or exit all longs completely if you aren’t a fan of shorting. I’m personally choosing to hedge for now as this is a difficult signal on […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert Option Index Summary The Covered Call/Naked Put Index (CCNPI) continued to reveal bullish emotions this week, while the Long Call/Married Put Index (LCMPI) continued to indicate weakness in the strength of that bullishness, as it has since May. More importantly, the Long Straddle/Strangle Index (LSSI) has again moved out of the […]

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