Tweet By Chris Ebert Option Index Summary The intent of each option index is to provide a snapshot of the emotions of traders. It is these emotions that drive the markets over the long term, not the news; the news is merely a catalyst that feeds into market emotions that were already present. The performance […]

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Tweet Put another way, “A harmonious clear mind can rule anything” ~ Huna saying From “Springs of Indian Wisdom” Related Wisdom Positive Always Defeats The Negative Learn And Grow From Your Mistakes Seeing Adversity For What It Is

Tweet My thoughts are a little all over the place in the video, but now is a time to be: Cautious when entering new positions Quick to take profits when you have them Smart by not over-leverage your portfolio Today’s looks all fine and well for the bulls but I’m not going to be sold until we […]

Tweet The following is an excerpt from the premium mid week update from the The Financial Tap, which  is dedicated to helping people learn to grow into successful investors. They provide cycle research on a number of markets through weekly updates and the offer real time trade alerts to take advantage of market inefficiencies. They offer a FREE […]