Tweet Beautiful music to conclude this trying 4 day weekend. I’m wishing safety to those who have been left in the path of Sandy. Selah Sue, Ed Sheeran and Passenger on the haunting tune: “Hearts On Fire”

Tweet JAZZ Simply Came Too Far Too Fast At one point early this October, Jazz Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: JAZZ) share price was up 58% year-to-date, including a rise of 25% in September alone. While that is great for shareholders, it also presents a problem; the stock price has risen too quickly for traders comfort. Stock prices […]

Tweet Once a month I try to do a complimentary technical analysis on any stock that those on my free newsletter are interested in learning my personal thoughts on. This does two things. It gives me a idea of sentiment among my readership and if I start to see the same stock requested by multiple […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert Option Index Summary Traders have now lost faith in their bullishness! It’s not that they are no longer bullish; they are. But as of this past week, they have lost strength in their bullish convictions. As a group, traders generally have three emotions. They are either strongly bullish, weakly bullish, or […]