Tweet By All About Trends  We Trade What We SEE, NOT What We Think, Hear Or Fear.  With each trade make sure you ask the question: “What Do I Need To See To Make Me Take A Trade” LNKD Let’s first check out the long term picture to get an overall feel for the trend. LNKD […]

Tweet Reader Question With regards to your timing signal, I have a few questions. The US market is already had correction so to speak. The S&P is down about 60 points from last 10 days I think. How long does it take for this signal normally to come to fruition? My longs took a beating […]

Tweet By Liz DeMera This NYSE Net Advancing Volume chart is plotted as a 30 Day Moving Average.  It is very useful in determining possible bottoming  conditions in the market. Usually we get a rally  from  this level, however, this chart is not indicative of a good market bottom or deeply oversold condition in the market.  I’ve noticed  through history […]

Tweet One aspect I forgot to point out in this video that is very important is that often times selling comes in three waves. In this chart you’ll see very clearly the three waves of selling that started mid-Sept and the fascinating part is each bottom had either a new/full moon associated with the bottom. Monday’s […]